The Portland Pedalounge (AKA The “Party Bike”)

Driving around the Pearl District in Portland, I saw what appeared to be 10 people sitting around a bar…moving up the street. On closer inspection, it was a bar with patrons seated on bicycle-esq seats, peddling their way around town. After doing some brief research, I realized that it was the Pedalounge, a Dutch invention that had found a way to combine beer and bicycles.

It turns out that while you cannot drink and ride at the same time in Portland (as with most other cities in the U.S.), this is something that is permitted in other places in the U.S. (refer to local open alcohol rules).  In any case, the premise seems  simple enough: gather a group of people, drink beer at one location and pedal around until you reach the next location. Rinse, wash and repeat.

With the love of both craft beers and cycling in Vancouver, and the ability to bike from one craft brewery to another with relative ease, it is a shame this has not started here yet.

Aneez Devji

Aneez Devji

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