Vancouver Island Brewing – Hermannator Ice Bock

The third beer of our featured “12 Beers of Christmas” is Vancouver Island Brewing’s Hermannator. You’ll find a commercial description of the beer below: “Brewed in limited batches each year, Hermannator Ice […]

Powell Street Craft Brewery – Dunkelweizen

The second beer of our featured “12 Beers of Christmas” is the Powell Street Dunkelweizen. You’ll find a commercial description of the beer below: “Dunkelweizen is a German-style dark wheat beer. A […]

Doan’s Craft Brewing Co. – Rye Stout

The first beer of our featured “12 Beers of Christmas” is Doan’s Rye Stout. You’ll find a commercial description of the beer below: “As a Pacific Northwest Rye Stout, you can get […]

Los Angeles Times calls East Vancouver the “Craft Beer Capital of Canada”

A recent article by John Lee, a Vancouver travel writer and beer aficionado, about his on-foot experience touring Vancouver’s “Yeast Van” breweries was featured in the LA Times on November […]

A Sign of The Times: BC Business Magazine Returns With A Full Day ‘Business of Craft Beer’ Event For 2015

You really don’t have to look far to see signs of the unprecedented success that our craft beer industry is currently experiencing.  From the proliferation of new breweries across the […]

Business of Craft Beer event This Thursday

We are looking forward to attending the second annual Business of Craft Beer event to kick off Vancouver Craft Beer Week this Thursday, May 28th. We will even be taking part […]

Crowdfunding in BC

Clients often ask us about crowdfunding, particularly over the last few years as campaigns on portals such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo generate ever-increased buzz. Until very recently, businesses have not […]

How “Crafty” is Blue Moon?

According to one consumer, a little too crafty for not being craft at all. According to Court Documents, San Diego resident Evan Parent has commenced a class action suit against MillerCoors for misleading […]

Craft Counsel Brings BC Beer Law on Board

The Craft Counsel team expanded earlier this year by bringing Carlos Mendes on board to bolster the team. While this information is not breaking news, we thought VCBW was a […]

Don’t Get Caught In Great Trademark War – Register Your Brand

The incorporation of a company or the registration of a business name provides little protection of that name in Canada. Even if a provincial or federal corporate authority accepts your […]