Cannery Brewing: Small Brewery, Big Flavour

A visit to Cannery Brewing highlighted the impressive craft beer scene in Penticton, B.C.  Currently putting the finishing touches on their brand new tasting lounge, this family-run brewery has experienced it all in the beer industry: hop droughts, new breweries and constant innovation.

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Ian Dyck, of Cannery Brewing, and Aneez Devji

It has been 13 years since Ian Dyck’s family started running the Cannery but they were home-brewing their flagship beer, the Naramata Nut Brown Ale,  well before they opened up shop.

The focus seemingly always on the next recipe, Ian noted that there was an increasing emphasis on seasonal beers.  With so many options and the desire to try something new, the Cannery will be focusing on increasing the number of seasonal beers it provides in a calendar year.

A change in strategy, combined with a commitment to finding a local brew with a world-class finish, it is always going to be a case of “what’s next?” with the Cannery.

Before ending the tour, I asked for his thoughts on Bad Tattoo Brewing opening up nearby.  Ian was nothing but positive, recognizing the benefits of having a greater selection of beers available to beer drinkers (including himself).  A truly respectable perspective that reflects on the nature of the relationships between different local craft breweries.

Overall, an excellent visit that is a must-do the next time you are in Penticton.

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