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How “Crafty” is Blue Moon?

According to one consumer, a little too crafty for not being craft at all. According to Court Documents, San Diego resident Evan Parent has commenced a class action suit against MillerCoors for misleading […]

Do Breweries Create Residential Neighbourhoods or Do Residential Neighbourhoods Create Breweries?

Business In Vancouver recently published an Article outlining the success of New Westminster’s Brewery District but the success is not the story:  it’s how it was achieved.  Instead of sticking to the established […]

Lease Tips: Does your Landlord own your Beer Tanks?

Somewhere buried in a lease that runs forty, fifty or even sixty plus pages may be a clause transferring ownership of all of the Tenant’s equipment, fixtures and leasehold improvements to the Landlord. […]

Dageraad Brewing’s New Tasting Room in Burnaby

On the way down from SFU, there is a new option for beer enthusiasts: Dageraad Brewery‘s new tasting room offers a small escape for a cheap beer, one that will […]

Cannery Brewing: Small Brewery, Big Flavour

A visit to Cannery Brewing highlighted the impressive craft beer scene in Penticton, B.C.  Currently putting the finishing touches on their brand new tasting lounge, this family-run brewery has experienced it […]

A Lease, a Sublease and an Assignment of Lease: Does it Matter?

  Yes, it certainly does.  And each one is vastly different. A regular lease defines a relationship between the brewer and the Landlord.  All of the terms of the lease will […]

The Portland Pedalounge (AKA The “Party Bike”)

Driving around the Pearl District in Portland, I saw what appeared to be 10 people sitting around a bar…moving up the street. On closer inspection, it was a bar with patrons […]

The End of the Beer Paddle

It recently occurred to me that I may be forced to retire the beer paddle. Perhaps this was a realization that was a long time coming but having never been […]

The Beer In Portland

On a recent trip that led me through Portland, I was able to visit some popular breweries in the area.  For the third year in a row, I stopped in Portland as […]